Here are my Tempest Blazers.  I am happy with how the unit came out, however I have only managed to get them brutally killed the the games I have played them thus far…

I went with different patterns of gray on all five horses.  I wonted a somewhat uniform look, but to give each horse a personality.  I took extra care on the faces this time around, working on eyes drives me crazy, to be honest I think I need better brushes, perhaps better hands too… 

Here is the final paint job, and a shot of Nemo2 with his boys.  Now if I can only get those stormblades painted up! 

I ended up re-sculpting the shoulder pad, the first try was getting a little too big and over the top.  The re-cast of the storm-blade worked well, though the light won’t fill the entire sward.  I wonted to experiment with a different paint scheme, on this project.  Though in the end I chose to go with my normal navy blue. 

Here are a few photos of my newest project.  This one required a bunch of re-sculpting, I am pleased with the results.  

Here are a few of photos of the finished project.  I went with a fairly typical navy blue paint scheme, though it is a little darker than the normal Cygnar studio scheme.  I think it came out really well.  I take a lot of pride when I put it out on the table. 

Stormwall is the largest project I have taken on to date.  I gathered a bunch of ideas from things I saw on the PP forums before setting out to make my own.   I have been very pleased with the results, and have included some of the WIP photos for those of you who would like to give it a try yourselves. 

While the photos don’t show it, I installed a logic chip that somewhat randomly flashes the individual coils on and off.  It is a really neat effect, that some of my opponents have likened to fighting a Christmas tree.  I wouldn’t recommend it if you are prone to seizures.

I also lit the little light poles flanking Stormwall, and his little lighting pods.  

I had this odd idea of using squires to carry around my storm towers.  After telling a few of my friends of the idea, they seemed to think it was crazy.  So the challenge was on, here are the results!


After my experiment replacing parts with clear cast copies, on Haley, I decided to try something a little more complicated for the storm towers.


The tower tops where replaced  and painted over to limit the light output.  Power and switches in the base.  I drilled though the squires to hid the wires. 


So you be the judge, was it a good idea or just crazy? 

Happy Halloween!  

Happy Halloween!  

With this project I have started to learn how to re-cast and replace pieces with semi-clear resin. I think the experiment came out really well, and its a lot faster and easer than sculpting new parts of drilling out things. 

The model really looks professional.  I spent a long time getting the cape to match the semi-clear parts, so everything would still look good while the light was off.  This was done mostly with the citadel blue glaze paint. 

Advancements with casting really has me excited for future projects! 

Next up are my Fireflies.  Working with the plastic kits ended up being a lot faster than the other projects of mine.  I put as much of the electrical in the base of the mature this time around, and compared to the Thunderhead, these two were fast and easy.  I have a dream of running seven fireflies on N3mo, but it would be expensive, and likely not that good.   On the other hand it would sure look cool.  In the mean time, I have a hard time fitting just one of these in my 35pt or 50pt armies, too bad there game mechanics were not just a little better.